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How do we extend the life of the seats?

Seating groups will naturally change form and appearance over time. You can use your furniture that stands out in living rooms for many years when properly cared for. Keeping them in top condition will help maintain the room’s appeal. Even if you hire a maid to clean your house, they can’t make worn furniture look new again. The most important issues that will determine the life of sitting groups are as follows:

  • Furniture Frame

  • Material Used

  • Fabric and Leather

  • Fading Resistance

Floor Protectors

Floor protectors are available in many different styles. The protectors are designed to help prevent dents in the floor, marks in the carpet and even scratches on hard surfaces. But they do help reduce the pressure on the sofa legs when it comes to furniture protection. Depending on the type of protector you choose, it will absorb the shock and allow furniture to move more easily.

Opera Sofa

Fabric Protectors

If you are afraid of stains caused by you or your children, you should use a fabric protector. This item can prevent any spillage. In this way, your seat does not stain. Be sure to replace the fabric cover when it gets dirty and messy so the sofa sets will still look great and feel comfortable to sit in.

Seat Covers

To help protect your seating covers from children, pets, spills, leaks, stains and more; You can buy furniture covers suitable for your set.

Room Layout

If your room is exposed to limited light, you can rearrange your furniture to keep it out of direct sunlight. Even slightly reducing the amount of time your furniture is exposed to UV rays will help. The longer you expose it to sunlight or direct it, the faster its color will fade and the fabric will be damaged. You can extend their life by moving them to the shaded areas of your rooms.

Cushion Layout

The upholstery on your sofa will change as you use it. That’s why it’s important to replace cushions regularly to ensure as even wear and use as possible. You can take this opportunity to distribute the wear as much as possible.

Long Life Sofa Models

MuchMore emphasizes the importance of the sofa set frame. Some are made of plastic, others are made of steel or laminated sheets, but wood is best. The most durable frames are made of dense hardwoods such as walnut, maple or teak. These usually last longer than low-priced wood such as fir and pine. The longest-lasting furniture frames are created by attaching wooden nails to holes called mortise and tenon joinery. A more common frame construction uses dowels, screws, adhesives and staples, as well as corner blocks and extra wood pieces.

In order for the fabrics to be long-lasting in your sofa sets;

  • Use a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush to remove dust from the surface.

  • Clean the surface of dirt and sand, which can have an abrasive and damaging effect, especially in light colours.

  • Do not use any detergents/chemicals to remove stains and stains.

  • Some marks can be removed with a cloth dampened with mild soapy water. If a spill occurs, dry it with a dry, clean cloth.

  • Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, hot areas and radiators.

  • If you have pets, remember that claws can damage any sharp object, especially upholstered furniture.

For the Longevity of Leather Sofa Sets;

  • Use a clean, soft and dry cloth to remove surface dust, do not use sharp tools.

  • Use professional chemicals to ensure leathers do not crack and periodically discolor.

  • If there are liquid stains, immediately absorb with absorbent paper, then with a soft dry cloth. Do not dry the leather in sunlight or using a hair dryer.

  • Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, which can cause discoloration, and keep leather away from heaters or a fireplace, which can cause it to crack or dry out.

Long-lasting and Modern Sitting Groups

Finding the right one for your home among so many different options can be overwhelming. At MuchMore, we have a team of experts who can help you create custom furnishings, define your decor, set a budget, or provide expert opinions for free. We are here to provide you with seating that should not only look great in your space but also last a long time.

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