Introduction to our brand, MuchMore Styling!

Updated: Mar 7

Hello everyone,

We are excited and proud. We are here with the first blog post of our brand. This segment, in which we have created a standard of living, becomes more evident with the signals coming from you. We are a customer-based, developing and shaping furniture company that sees our customers as solution partners. Since we determined that the destination where the chaos of life in the 21st century ends is the interior of people's homes, we have focused on standardization of life. That's why we consider their homes as hearts, and happiness as peace. Our line is home & heart. Any decoration that does not make you happy, does not give peace, does not make you feel happy, is not in our work area. That's why we are in favor of framework unity with our customers. From order to shipping, we take every responsibility and insure the products. We are in contact with our customers from product sales to usage. The feedback service (call back) we provide for customer satisfaction is a frame partnership with our customers.

This partnership is physical now. All our systems are ready and active 24/7. We have become accessible anywhere in the interactive world.

The fact that the furniture sector has become a sector that changes shapes, and that it undergoes structural transformation and development day by day, makes us always dynamic. Imagine that every place where human life is included is shaped by furniture. That's why our motto is ‘home & heart’. Our furniture should bring peace to every location where our products enter.

Stay in peace.

MuchMore Styling Corporate Communications Team